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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mr. Chewy Review

Recently, several of our cat blogging friends have posted reviews of their experiences ordering pet food from Mr. Chewy. After reading their positive reviews and checking out the Mr. Chewy website, we were seriously considering placing an order. Deciding which items to order and getting Mommy motivated to place the order was taking a while, so we were thrilled when we were offered a coupon to use on the Mr. Chewy website in exchange for our review of their services.

We are especially impressed that Mr. Chewy has been reaching out to promote their services to pet bloggers. That seems very smart to us. We are a community of people who love pets, take great care of our furry family members, and are the perfect demographic for a smart pet product company to want as customers.    

So, on to our review...
We like the selection of high quality pet products offered on the Mr. Chewy website. We ordered a bag of Blue Buffalo Finicky Feast Chicken and Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food, a bag of Taste of the Wild Canyon River Trout and Smoked Salmon Dry Cat Food, and an assortment of Tiki Cat canned cat food. We wanted to know which shipper they would be using for delivery, so we clicked the CHAT LIVE button on the Mr. Chewy website, and the lovely and talented Francesca answered our question within seconds. We placed our order, and it was delivered within four working days. We like all three products we ordered, but by far our favorite is the Blue Buffalo Finicky Feast Dry Cat Food. All five of us kitties really like the taste of it. The ordering process was easy and convenient, the products arrived in good condition delivered to our front door, and our order arrived quickly. Their prices are competitive. Most of their prices we compared were slightly higher than those at the national chain pet food retailer in our city, but when you take into consideration that there is no additional charge for shipping on orders over $49 and the product is delivered to your front door, we think it could definitely be well worth the slight difference in price for busy people like our mom to order from Mr. Chewy and be able to spend more time with their pets instead of having to drive to the store and lug home heavy bags of cat food and litter.  We are very pleased with our entire experience ordering from Mr. Chewy.

Here is a picture of Ambrose inspecting our order shortly after it was delivered.

Mr. Chewy offers:
- 70+ Brands – a wide selection and adding new in demand brands regularly.
- Subscription based ordering is available for hassle free delivery of your favorite products.
- Prompt shipping throughout the United States.
- Free Shipping for any order over $49

In the interest of full disclosure, we did received a $50 coupon in exchange for our honest review of their services, but that did not influence our opinions of their services or the information in this post.


The Island Cats said...

What a good review! We also had a good experience with Mr. Chewy. We will definitely order from him again.

AttieCattie said...

we reviewed Mr. Chewy too, we loved him!

BeadedTail said...

We got Blue Buffalo foods and also Tiki Cat from Mr. Chewy too! We'll be ordering from them again too!

meowmeowmans said...

We love Mr. Chewy, too! We now use them to order Moosey's food.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Oh wow, we were going to do a review too but mom is too busy! We have the finicky feast and tiki cat! We tried the wild food but did not like it unfortunately.
Great review!

Marg said...

We have gotten things from Mr. Chewy a couple of times and are very pleased. They do have a good selection. We needed some Natural Balance dog food for our old dog and they had it. Not many places do have it. Good to see you again.

Tamago said...

Great review! I read their review at different blogs and it seems Mr. Chewy always gets good feedback.
Looks like you got many good food :-) It's great to see you!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Hmmm! We will have to check Mr. Chewy out! Ambrose! You have talent for snoopervising!