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Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Very First Meme and Award

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids at Friends FurEver tagged me for the Six Unspectacular Quirks Meme. I'm very excited, because this is my very first meme.

Meme:Rules:* Link to the one who tagged you.* List the rules on your blog.* Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

Since there are four of us kitties here, we will share a quirk or two from each of us.

1. When Ambrose finishes using the litter box, he runs out at top speed as if he has just dropped a bomb and is running for cover.

2. Teddi walks with a really funny gait like Yosemite Sam.

3. After every meal, Chloe opens her mouth real wide and licks her lips... a lot.

4. I (Grrreta) have a ritual in which I lead Mommy to the SuperScratcher to pet me, and then before she gets bored, I lead her to the scratching post for us to play with a feather wand, and then I lead her to either the front door or to the stroller for her to take me outside. If she walks away before we complete the entire ritual, I try to get her attention repeatedly until we complete all three steps. Mommy has tried taking me out in my stroller at the very beginning because she thought that was my ultimate goal, but when we got back inside I made her complete the ritual anyway.

5. Every time Teddi goes near the litter box, she hisses.

6. When Ambrose plays with our bungee toy that hangs from the hall closet door, he runs down the hall at top speed, jumps on a chair and launches himself about five feet, then grabs the bungee toy. When he lands on the floor, he releases the bungee toy which snaps up and hits the ceiling with a loud thud. He especially enjoys doing this between two and four in the morning, much to Mommy's dismay.

I am tagging Tails of Two Kitties, We Have Staff, Sweet Praline, and Sumac Stories to do this meme next.

My friend Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat awarded me the Cool Cat Award! This is my very first award, and I 'm very proud. Thanks, Huffle!

Since I get to pass it on to another five kitties, I'd like to share this with five of my friends who amuse me daily with their fascinating adventures and amazing photos: Minnie the Cat , T'Abby Normal , Jan's Funny Farm, Luxor, and Crews Views.


Lux said...

Those are some really funny quirks! I like the one where Ambrose streaks aways from the litter box. :)

Thanks so much for the Cool Cat award! And congratulations to you for receiving it!

T'Abby Normal said...

Congratz on the Cool Cat award and thank you! I really enjoyed reading about your quirks. Cat-quirks are the best.

Mom says the cat her family had when she was only 3 years old was named 'Scooter' for the very reason of that rocket-like behavior after using the litter box!

Abby Normal

Tracey and Huffle said...

That pink really suits you :) Good quirks too; mine were not nearly so exciting.

Huffle Mawson

Sweet Praline said...

Oops! Looks like I am a day behind on visiting. We will get to the quirk meme this weekend.

Congratulations on the Cool Cat award.

Parker said...

Hi Grrreta! It's nice to meetcha'! I enjoyed learning more about you and your family.

The Crew said...

Why thank you, Grrreta. We appreciate that you think we're COOL!

Oh, and congratz on being the recipient from Huffle.

The Crew

The Crew said...

Hahahahaha...that's funny about Ambrose & Teddi. Maybe she's hissing about what he left in there.

I'm not mentioning any names here, but one of my brothers is known for the stink-bombs leaves in the litterbox. I have to hold my breath when I walk by!


Marian said...

Thanks Grrreta for tagging us for the meme. It's our first one, too. We have it all posted and ready for you to find out about our endearing little quirks!
:o) Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie

Furkidsmom said...

We loved your quirks!!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Sweet Praline said...

I just loved the funny quirks. You gave Mom a good laugh today. We have responded to your Meme and it will be on our blog on Saturday.

Congrats on your award!

HotMBC said...

That's a smart ritchual Grrreta! And conCATulations on your award. It's well deserved!