The Adventures of (Angel) Grrreta's Fam

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Sister Chloe

This is my sister, Chloe. Mommy has very few photos of Chloe that are not gray blurs, because Chloe never sits still. The second two pictures are of Chloe as a kitten attacking some feet, her life-long nemeses. I have never heard Chloe meow...ever. Sometimes she'll make a funny little clicky noise if she wants Mommy's attention. She weighs less than seven pounds and has always been much smaller than Ambrose. When Chloe was a tiny kitten, she would run around the yard at top speed with a toy in her mouth almost bigger than she was, while Ambrose was chasing her. It was adorable to watch. That is still a daily occurrence, minus the toy. Fortunately, she's very fast.


goldenshade said...

Hello!! What a great bunch of kitties and a wonderful story!!! Love those shots of Chloe as a kitten, Too cute!!

No cute kitten pics of Shade and I as we were 6 months and 1 year old when the PM got us. Too bad, I bet I was a sweet kitten!

Nice to meet you all!

Purrs, Goldie

The Crew said...

You have a fine family, Grrreta. Chloe was a very cute kitten.

Sweet Praline said...

Chloe is adorable! Mom just loves the baby pictures and is still squeeeeeing.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hey, Grrreta, It is so neat to be meeting each of you. You have such an interesting story.

Daisy said...

Hi Grrreta! I read about you on Skeezix's blog. It's nice to meet you and learn about your sister Chloe today.